Private Fees

Certificates and Forms

HGV or PSV medical £110.00
Holiday Cancellation Form £30.00
Ofsted Report £25.00
Passport/Driving Licence £30.00
Photocopying for Third Parties £50.00
Power of Attorney £120.00
Private Medical Insurance £30.00
Private Sick Note £20.00
Report for Disabled Car Badge Scheme £26.50
Shotgun Licence £25.00
Vaccination Certificate/Statement of Fitness to Travel £30.00
Written reports and photocopying for third parties
15 minutes (e.g. Half page) £50.00
30 minutes (e.g. Full page) £80.00
1 hour or more £160.00
Additional GP Report Information £16.00
Other examinations with report (this does not apply to third parties e.g. Insurance companies) £150.00 per hour
Fees for Foreign Travel
Hepatitis A FREE (provided by NHS)
Hepatitis A & B combines (for travel purpose only) FREE (provided by NHS)
Fees for Private Consulatations (Temporary Residents not entitled to NHS treatment)
Nurse Consultation up to 15 minutes £25.00 (£1 per minute over 15 minutes)
Doctor Consultation up to 10 minutes £70.00 (£2 per minute over the first 15 minutes)

 PLEASE NOTE – we are unable to provide Hepatitis B vaccinations for occupational health purposes

– this remains the responsibility of the employer to arrange/provide.