Request a Sick Note?

In order to obtain a sick note you must have first seen a Doctor. Before seeing a Doctor you are able to ‘Self Certify’ yourself for 7 days.

Self Certification

Employees are able to ‘Self Certify’ themselves for 7 days – this means you are able to complete a self certification form (provided by your employer).
Once the 7 days have passed you will then require a medical certificate, known as a ‘Fit Note’ from your Doctor who is advising you not to work.

Further information can be found on the webiste.

Statutory Sick Pay

Most employees are eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) which is paid by the employer when an employee is on sick leave. If you are eligible for SSP you can be covered for up to 28 weeks in one sickness period. For further guidance visit the website.

Sick Notes (Fit Note)

If you have seen a Doctor for the problem you are currently on sick leave or you need to renew a sick note, contact the Doctor’s Secretary that you have seen or who  has previously signed your sick note, selecting option 3 on the main line number. Please allow 48hrs for sick notes requests, allowing time to process your request.