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We encourage continuity of care and will endeavour to book all routine and non-urgent appointments with your Usual Doctor or a Nurse.

Pre-bookable appointments are available mornings from 7.30am, afternoons and evenings. However, if you need to be seen sooner than the next available routine appointment, speak to your Usual Doctor’s Secretary who may be able to offer you an earlier appointment or alternative way of communicating with your Doctor.

Please be aware when booking an appointment you will be asked a series of questions, these questions help us in the following ways;

  • To help your Doctor review the relevant part of your medical record
  • To ensure we are able to give you an appropriate appointment for your needs
  • To improve appointment availability

Please be reassured that your personal information & health matters are always treated in the strictest confidence by all members of staff.


Telephone Consultations

If you feel an appointment isn’t necessary but you would still like to speak to a doctor e.g. advice or other queries, we can provide you with telephone consultations. To book a telephone consultation, please mention this when booking an appointment.

If you need to speak to a doctor urgently, we will transfer you to your Usual Doctor’s Secretary, who take take further information from you & arrange for you to speak to the Doctor at their earliest convenience.



If the Doctor or Nurse feels a chaperone is necessary, the presence of a chaperone will be offered to you & recorded on your medical records. If you require a chaperone during your consultation, please mention this at the time of booking your appointment.



If you require a blood pressure reading, you no longer need to book an appointment with a Doctor or Nurse. You can now take your own blood pressure reading using our easy to use blood pressure machine called the POD.

In order to use our POD, please present at Reception & request to use it – no appointment is required. We can provide assistance to help you use the POD, please advise the Receptionist who will arrange a member of staff to assist you.

The POD is available to use throughout our opening times, however please note we run a POD clinic for patients on our annual recall system each morning, Monday to Thursday, therefore the POD is not available to use as a drop in service during these times.