11th June 2018 – Hospital Prescriptions

PLEASE NOTE: From 1st August 2018 the practice will not be able to assist in prescribing items issued on a Hospital prescription or those items prescribed privately to you by non NHS clinics.

GPs cannot take responsibility for another clinicians prescribing (unless it has been specifically asked of them) so will be unable to convert a private or hospital prescription into an NHS FP10 prescription (the usual green prescription and counterfoil).

Hospital prescriptions must be dispensed by a hospital pharmacist (i.e. cannot be converted to an FP10 to be dispensed by a high-street pharmacist), and private prescriptions must be dealt with privately as there will be additional charges (i.e. cannot be converted to an NHS FP10 so only standard NHS prescription charges apply).

We understand that hospital pharmacies can often be very busy, but it is important that you wait to be dealt with by them in order to receive your medication as quickly as possible and to avoid having a wasted journey to the surgery or to your high-street pharmacist to try and obtain the medication elsewhere.

Thank you for your co-operation.